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Xenophobic Attacks Divides Africa

Xenophobia zene ō fōbēa –
-dislike and prejudice against people from other countries.

Photo credits belongs to Al Jazeera

Xenophobic attacks plagued the continent of Africa. There are many protesting that all of the migrants in Africa should not be there. South Africans are attacking Nigerians as well as anyone who is a migrant in Johannesburg. Students are terrified to even set foot outside due to the increasing violence threatening their lives. Stores owned by Nigerians are being attacked, burned and looted by other South Africans. currently, seven (7) innocent lives were reported loss specifically because of the xenophobic attacks. It is said that all the violence was perpetrated by a pamphlet circulating that encourage the South Africans to forcefully get those unwanted to leave.

Photo Credits belongs to New Frame Publication
Photo Credits belongs to Bloomberg
Photo Credits belongs to Channels TV
Africans coming together to increase security
Photo Credits belongs to The National

Protesters smashed through stores that are located in the DRC’s second-largest city-owned by South Africans. The victims of the attacked are scared for the well-being of their stores and themselves. Most haven’t opened up their stores in order of protecting it from being looted or burned. Their livelihood is being threatened by people they feel is the same as them, brothers and sisters.

Stores being looted.
Photo Credits belongs to New York Times
Stores being burned.
Photo Credits belongs to Africa News
Migrants arming themselves in order to protect themselves.
Photo credits belongs to Capital FM publication
Video Credits belong to media outlet Al Jazeera

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