Who Am I?

Compos Mentis

My name is Oshane Levy. I was born in Jamaica and then brought to the States. This, in my eyes, gave me the ability to see the world on a different spectrum. A lot of things is hard to truly comprehend unless you leave your home country. I have been writing my entire life from what i can remember. My poetry stands out because it’s not average, they are thought provoking. They help bring you back and cement you into a moment of time that will last with you. My poetry will make you see life from a whole new perspective that helps bring back or reestablish the joy you crave in life.

I am an independent author of the book, Another’s Perspective: Genesis, which is available for purchase on amazon.

I had the pleasure of interning for The Stan Simpson which is hosted by the Fox61 network located in Hartford, CT. Stan opened my eyes to the behind the scenes things that takes place within the journalistic industry first hand.