The Power of Clovia

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Is it the red hair?

The brown caramelized complexion?

That just entices me to give you attention and praise?

Not to mention,

How thankful I am for your subvention.

In all honesty,

I may be a little more biased towards you because on top of your beauty,

You’re Jamaican.

When you first looked at me,

It gave me butterflies…

With broken wings,

The feeling never actually flew away.

Now every time I see you,

I see myself still lost in that moment,

In your eyes,


Balancing lust,

And controlling the spike in chemical imbalance,

Especially when witnessing your artistic brilliance.

If it was up to me,

I would be the source to your smile’s equilibrium,

The ideal Elysium.

You’re an angel sent directly from heaven,

Specifically to be my human haven,

Fulfilling everything I never once thought I was craving.

All I want is to be your hitter,

Simply to paint the picture much bigger,

To prove to you our love can seemingly make life better.

Forever in adoration admiration and fascination,

That eventually you’ll be the solution to my pineal gland’s calcification.

You are the magic that reveal itself in physicality after escaping my imagination.

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