Twenty nineteen. It’s about time the decade finally grew up and is no longer a teen. Teenagers usually come with bad decisions, Adrenaline and A short attention span. New decade, New life lessons, And more time to grow into a better self, A better man or woman, In a sense. Twenty nineteen was no twenty sixteen, When the graduation classes was filled by black excellence, Even when backed against the

Making Life Monai

Follow Tinazia’s Instagram So much beauty compacted at just four eleven.  The way you glowed; It was like I was I automatically taken to heaven.   Your smile is milk Compared to your complexion.  I see no complexity within your beauty, And nothing but radiance embodied within your personality, Illuminating brighter than the lights that decorate the robust city.  You’re breathtaking; Let me be the one to make you happy. 


Follow Ivelisse’s Instagram After a long day, I just want to personally pop off your perfectly fashionable heels, Rub your feet to a playlist of all your favorite songs. I want to hold you as the sunsets, And run my fingers with the grain of your curls. The world may be run by the girls, But that’s meaningless when you hold the universe within the depths of your starry eyes.