Twenty nineteen. It’s about time the decade finally grew up and is no longer a teen. Teenagers usually come with bad decisions, Adrenaline and A short attention span. New decade, New life lessons, And more time to grow into a better self, A better man or woman, In a sense. Twenty nineteen was no twenty sixteen, When the graduation classes was filled by black excellence, Even when backed against the

Don’t Bite the Apple, Eve

FOLLOW KIMOLEE’s INSTAGRAM It was a very still night. The air was filled with adrenaline and excitement, A lot of people just screaming and rushing For everything to go smoothly and perfectly. Little did i know that it was the imperfections of that night that made it the perfect night. It wasn’t until scanning the entirety of the venue that my eyes caught such an exemplary sight; Of nearly curated


Gratitude is simplicity in its purest form. And because a lot of people always seem to find only complexity when embraced with simplicity, I’m grateful for the kind-heart souls i was able to meet along my journey. With you, i was able to build to my spiritual army. Conversations with you reinforce my kind soul is actually worthy, Especially deep within all of the ongoing controversy. Secondly, I am grateful