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Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt… Right?

From my perspective; may I interject, that my opinion is bias, just like all of ours; the Dave Chappelle Netflix special, “Sticks & Stones” was comedic gold. His jokes were told very intricately, with what seemed effortless.

Trans people hate my fucking guts and I don’t blame them”, adding that he “can’t stop writing jokes” about the trans community.
“No matter what you do in your artistic expression, you are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people. You know who I mean. Those people who took 20% of the alphabet for themselves. I’m talking about them Ls and Bs and Gs and the Ts. I feel bad for the Ts, But they’re so confusing … the fact is if a person can be born in the wrong body, they have to admit that’s a f—ing hilarious predicament.”

Sticks & Stones Netflix Special – Dave Chappelle

In my opinion, Dave expected this exact kind of black lash after the airing of his special. He crudely dove into some of the most controversial topics plaguing today’s society, while attacking the sensitivity of the masses. But anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock during the era of the Chappelle Show should know Dave came in as a controversial comedic in the beginning. And he fought hard to be able to not have his freedom of expression to be diluted by the elites of Hollywood.

Dave tackled a great point when he told about one of his experience in the Standards & Practice office when it came to usage of the words n***er (the N-word for censorship) and f***ot for (the F-word). He went on to say he was told he can’t use the F-word on the network because he was not one. His response being, that he’s not an N-word either. To me, he was telling how subconsciously we as black people are viewed.

In all honesty, we all can understand why certain movements with the LGBT communities would be furious with some of Dave’s jokes. But when did it become illegal to have an opinion that goes against the commonality of the authoritative way of thinking? Why do we pick and choose which rights we uphold and defend based on the convenience of our lives? Why are people make jokes if everybody but can’t take it when it’s reciprocated? That joke about him being a Chinese man inside a black man’s body is a real thing. People are coming out in real life claiming to have been born within the wrong race. We criticize Dave, calling him trans phobic but he brings light to a lot of things being done in the shadows. And to open a conversation about one is too respectful to discuss all of the topics that fall under that umbrella, which can be very confusing from the outside, in all respects.

White Man Says He Feels Filipino

Ironically, while Dave is telling these jokes, Anderson Cooper, sat within the audience and was caught giving his iconic laughs at these jokes.

Openly gay CNN news anchor spot in audience

My overall review, this is probably one of Dave Chappelle’s best stand specials ever. The way he told his jokes was like having a conversation with the audience. It wasn’t a one that was supposed to be politically correct, but I felt he used it as an opportunity to make fun of us, as a society. If you pay attention to all of these jokes and how he delivers them, there are no inaccuracies there. On the surface, it may come off as one thing, but if you go in to watch with already preconceived notations, you won’t last 10 minutes into the special. It was hilariously entertaining. I love the fact that he spoke on topics most people in Hollywood wouldn’t public speak on. Plus all of the trolling he is receiving is marketing genius. There is no such thing as bad publicity and the entire internet seems to be speaking about “Sticks & Stones”. Now that’s a great word of mouth. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no right to laugh at anybody else. It’s a reflection of your insecure and lack of confidence in yourself and choices.

If you are going to publicly take a stance or fight for something, then you must learn to hold your ground no matter how much pressure is applied or you feel like you are getting nowhere. Look at the overall predicament of black people in America. Laws were passed, but don’t mean individually the respect and acceptance came with it. To force change, to create chaos and lack of understanding. Plus you can’t expect everybody to like and accept something no matter how strongly passionate you feel about it. We can’t continue picking and choosing what we like or don’t like based on popularity. Let’s get back to thinking for ourselves and having a sense of humor without sensitivity.

This comedy special was needed for our time. Its a must watch.

Trailer for Dave’s Netflix special Sticks & Stone

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