Poem of the Day

Side Effects of Voting


I love that I live in an America,

With so much black division, 

That when it comes time to vote, 

That alone perpetuate more separation. 

You have one side preaching the importance of voting registration,

While another side understands that the past restrictions on the black man voting, 

Meant nothing to current black communities struggling, 

Because they feared us so much, 

They knew we were more docile, as a whole, when we’re left fear filled and blindly hopeful. 

Let’s say everything they taught us about American history was true,  

Why are we constantly reminded of how you can acknowledge a black man as everything else but a prophet?

If voting was supposedly so impactful, 

Why did it take until 2008 to get a black in the presidential office?

When we know, according to history, our ancestors fight for change more wholeheartedly than their predecessors. 

As if our oppressors are just going to stop, 

And over night see the same men, they couldn’t acknowledge as men, as their equals. 

As if we’re supposed to all of a sudden believe them because they claim when they see us, they don’t see color. 

Not knowing that you saying that, 

Psychological contributes to our uniqueness getting smaller. 

But when you market your products,

Why do many of us feel targeted primarily because of our color?

Isn’t that how every successful business person make the majority of their dollar?

You figure, the day they voted for Obama, 

It would pave the way easier for another black leader to follow. 

Now the ones that advocate that there’s power in voting would start to argue that, 

We are in this exact predicament because the plurality of the black demographic won’t participate in a systemic act designed to separate us. 

While the other side has the knowledge that the popular vote doesn’t count when the decision really matters, 

The president of the United States; which is just corporation claiming to be a country; is decided by the men and women consisting of the electoral college. 

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