Poem of the Day

Happy Halloween

It’s that time of the year.  Where everybody is excited by the idea of terror and fear.  Where demons are subconsciously worshipped in the concept of a comedic scare.  Sullying the subconscious  While desensitizing the righteous side of the mind… Continue Reading…


Nuru Subira

Follow Nuru’s Instagram A real goddess.  Damn!  I don’t even know where to start.  How do i project the energy into visions it’s strongest at the core of my heart?  How do i use my words to accurately describe you… Continue Reading…

Poem of the Day


Ever just stared at night sky just to see the stars? They look so far but then again so close because we never had the opportunity to see them up close. What beauty will they behold? What stories would they… Continue Reading…

Poem of the Day


  I wanna tell my mother and sister I love them. Me writing this isn’t telling you but as I write it I feel like you can hear me screaming your names, screaming I love you, screaming I need you,… Continue Reading…



Follow Ivelisse’s Instagram After a long day, I just want to personally pop off your perfectly fashionable heels, Rub your feet to a playlist of all your favorite songs. I want to hold you as the sunsets, And run my… Continue Reading…

Poem of the Day


I knew my curse; Way before i grew old enough for it to curse me. I found myself drowning within my own thirst; Threatening to take parts i didn’t know i would need until later; That currently i can barely… Continue Reading…

Poem of the Day

Subconscious Inheritance

We police ourselves way more than any cop can ever. We were conditioned to corrupt our own and call it salvation. The subconscious trait to silence your own thoughts was inherited, Years before the actual separation from the plantation.

Poem of the Day


Sexual stimulation has reached a popularity where we can freely, Openly express it; In multitude and forms of variety; And many don’t see any vulgarity in it.

Poem of the Day


Gratitude is simplicity in its purest form. And because a lot of people always seem to find only complexity when embraced with simplicity, I’m grateful for the kind-heart souls i was able to meet along my journey. With you, i… Continue Reading…


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