One Thing’s Claire

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If one thing’s Claire, 

She’s in a league completely of her own. 

One founded off her own happiness, 

Where it became her natural atmosphere. 

Her complexion is the perfect chandelier,

That compliments her surrounding beauty without compare. 

If it’s one thing that’s Claire, 

It’s like you can formulate love out of thin air, 

Because when you smile, you seem so debonair. 

To the point i can feel doubts and fears disappear into the universe,

And I’m protected,

Deep within your inter dimensional care. 

If one thing’s Claire,

I adore the fullness of your lips,

That if you were to kiss me, 

Everything about it would electrify my body everywhere because it’ll feel so sincere. 

To the point i would be filled with elation, 

Until it’s physical represented through my tears. 

Who would’ve thought,

The wavelengths of my brain would find my way to you, 

All the way in Spain. 

Where you are free and unchained,

Because the complexity of you isn’t easily explained,

Since you are sunshine,

Especially in the the darkest parts of the rain. 

Purples and different shades of blue,

Sometimes canary yellow and poignant pinks 

Or some other intoxicating hue. 

If there’s one thing that’s Claire,

Your complexion compliments all your fashioned coloration,

To where I’m stricken with admiration,

And I’m compelled to make you the base of my inspiration. 

So to my calculation,

If i can balance the energy of your vibrations, 

Then we can be part of the same equation,

Since for every action,

There’s an opposite but equal reaction. 

If you’re ever unsure of anything, 

I hope for sure one thing remains Claire, 

I value you not because you’re a goddess who perfected walking on air, 

But because you’re a black woman so when i breathe you are my air. 

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