Poem of the Day

One Regret

Photographer: Xplore Kaishi

Models: Messiah Herron &. Miraj

MUA: Elizabeth Narayan



If I was to die tomorrow,

I would die with only one regret;

The regret of dying and feeling alone,

Knowing I was capable of loving a black woman,

Wholeheartedly and genuinely. 

I’m not afraid of dying alone, 

Only afraid of dying without executing everything I know,

In the name of love,

Unconditional and universal love. 

Love that makes you see you are a perfect reflection of the universe,

From the planets to the stars that make every single constellation,

Especially with all of your imperfections. 

I would only die regretting that deep down I can give a black woman all my love and affection;

Knowing we can get so powerful together,

That our love reach the unlimited dimensions. 

I don’t want to die alone,

Without one last opportunity to love a black woman with the correct intentions. 

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