Muse, Poem of the Day

Musically Poetic

One thing we can appreciate about art is;

It holds no color,

Or inside it is a combination of every color.,


Things can seem so polar,

But if you take time to understand,

You’ll learn most things,

Beyond the physical is quite similar.

For instance,

Your music reminds me of my poetry,

As in our words hit with the same potency.

Finding myself riding the vibrations of your melody,

Mathematically merging our organic chemistry,

Until we reach an equilibrium where;

Musically & poetically;

Our words are stripped naked so the simplicity of our message isn’t over complicated,

Or even diluted by distorted and falsified lucidity.

We’re in perfect harmony.Like ebony and ivory.

My words may bring comfort,

But your voices are ecstasy.

One good thing about music is;

When it hits you, you feel no pain,

Once said by Bob Marley.

The sounds of you singing,


Serenades the depths of my right brain,

As creativity simultaneously pass between the two of our membranes,

Until permanently sustained.



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