Poem of the Day


Not today.  

Today I want to be great in my own way. 

Today, I refuse to be burden with my emotional struggles. 

Sinking to a place embodied solely off my single thoughts and worries. 

I don’t want to spend too much of my day thinking about what could. 

Don’t get me wrong,

If I was to have a second chance, 

I would always stay by your side,

No doubts. 

Over time you transcended from eye candy to soul food. 

Even though it wasn’t to satisfy my hunger. 

With you gone, 

From time to time you cross my mind,

Reminding me of how close we were to how now we couldn’t be so far. 

A door isn’t a door when it’s ajar. 

Perhaps I left it slightly opened because I feel more alive when we’re at emotional war. 

Since I’m being honest,

I still rather keep you at a distance than gone because subconsciously I could only see you as a star. 

One that lights the night sky by itself.

Funny, because I fell in love more with how you always found your way back to loving yourself. 

So to iterate,

Not today. 

Today I want you to continue being great,

Without me to open up any unnecessary emotional scars. 

But just in case I did happen to cross your mind,

And your emotional wounds are too scarred to be fully healed,

And it’s time for your love for me to dies,

Please let it die as a martyr. 

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