Making Life Monai

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So much beauty compacted at just four eleven. 

The way you glowed;

It was like I was I automatically taken to heaven.  

Your smile is milk

Compared to your complexion. 

I see no complexity within your beauty,

And nothing but radiance embodied within your personality,

Illuminating brighter than the lights that decorate the robust city. 

You’re breathtaking;

Let me be the one to make you happy. 

You’re mesmerizing,

I think of you and get lost in my own fantasy. 

You’re commanding;

When you catch me staring,

Let this be the token to my apology. 

You’re intoxicating;

Each day you make it easier to shake this melancholy. 

You’re inspiring;

I meditate to visions of you,

Floating freely on a cloud of your own  creation,

Like the goddess you are,

Just in awe and inebriated with elation. 

I envision you ferociously conquering with your longevity so loud while still barely making a sound. 

With an deniable aura floating just above your crown.

Life is wonderful,

Life is perfect,

When life is Monai.

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