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Life With Xiomary

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Ever stared at somebody,

Just to feel you’re looking at a side many have not seen?

As if she was the movie and the starring role to every scene?

Or perhaps,

A walking magazine.

Literally, a living queen.

Hopefully it’s not too weird to say i saw your mind before your physique.

You’re so timid with a little shy,

But i only see your confidence.

The way you walk with your head held high is all the evidence.

Help me imagine a better life with Xiomary.

Who may come off reserved,

However, she stay battle ready.

In my eyes you are perfect.

The beautiful face of Xiomary

The question is,

How do you accurately describe perfection from my perception,

With it still being a direct reflection of you being one in a million? 

Deep down,

I sense you already know balancing your imperfections is the only way to achieve evolution.

Maybe that’s the reason my eyes gravitated to your every direction.


When i first saw you,

I swore i stared directly at the galaxy.

I can’t even say it happened randomly,

Since when i saw you,

It felt like destiny.

Xiomary Posing

Like I’ve fallen for the American beauty without the tragedy.

Every memory of you in my head glows happily,

That I’ve never once questioned my sanity,

As if you’re universally a key to to my spirituality.

Channeling your energy to be projected through your dancing,

Invigorated with vitality and dexterity.

Another thing added to the list that is the nucleus of your beauty,

Xiomary modeling Survuivial 815 at Connect's Own Fashion Show

Which comes with no misleading transparency,

While leaving a mystery about you that seems so extraordinary.

So if the American beauty must come with the tragedy,

Then i rather trade up to the Puerto Rican angel who is symbolic to heightened vibrations in actuality.

She is the sunshine that provides eternal clarity.

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