Poem of the Day

Imperfect Ships

We’ve all had friends that we thought would be around to the very end
But sometimes,
Even with a friend that seems heaven-sent,
All you end up with is memories or time well spent.
They say some friends are in your life for a season,
And everything that happens is for a reason.
With all the rain sun and snow
You stick around,
But at times you feel you’re left out in the cold;
Stripped of your ability to let those deserving to see your vulnerability.
An overlooked amenity.
Just to end up as the metaphoric equivalency of a penny;
Two faced and worthless
Never to eventually find any amity
Only to be consumed by the increase in acrimony
Feeling more foolish for thinking playing a fool would lead you to a fool’s gold.
Testing how far you’ll let the world bend you,
Until you completely fold.

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