“Interesting that young man can write some things that resonate with an old woman!” ” ‘Cursed’. Incredibly thought provoking on many levels.”

Natalie P.
Anothers Perspective Extended


This collection of poetry explores the deeper depths of the human mind and really challenges it for higher understanding and to grasp different perspectives. It explores love, spirituality, depression and lost in sense. It explores the many different spectrum of the human mind and will provide you with a mental bliss that can only be described as addicting.

We typically overlook and under look a modern poet. Is it because when we as a society think of what it’s like to be considered a great poet we think of the Langston Hughes, the Maya Angelou’s, the Gwendolyn Brooks, James Baldwin or even Alice Walker? But what made them great is that they wrote poetry for their eras, for their current struggles, inspired by their own obstacles and the given vernacular of those eras. A renaissance isn’t necessarily a resistance, but it’s a time in history where all the creatives comes together to embrace the nontraditional and the unorthodox because it’s the foundation of the next thing that’s legendary.A collection of modern poetry can mirror everything that you are feeling and sometimes don’t get a chance to say or even know how to say it to start off with.