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Her Pain

I wanted to ask her about her pain.

Her body was moving slow,

But her mind was racing much faster.

I sat beside her,

Contemplating the many ways i can ask her,

Without it seeming like i was trying to attack her.

I can see that her pain is consuming her,

To the point at times,

She isn’t even mentally here.

She even tries to hide the pain with the ways she does her hair.

I sat there watching her trying to smile to wash it all away,

To me it just wasn’t fair,

I loved her too much and i feared my silence was starting to make her think i didn’t care.

So i asked her,

Unexpectedly i was not prepared,

What she said completely knocked me out the air,

She said her body was on the go but her mind felt stuck in place.

She said she felt like she constricted herself to an electric chair,

Every time they flip the switch,

She starts to suffer from her internal psychological warfare,

And the only time there seems to be ease to her pain,

Is on the days it’s pouring rain.

For some reason the rain makes the pain the prettiest.

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