Great Wall

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I try to think of the perfect opening sentence,

That would be the perfect reflective statement. 

But that just lead to an internal argument,

Wondering which way don’t I find you beautiful. 

To express to you, 

Beauty I’ve never physically visualize. Something I’ve only been able to conceptualize,

Just not to this degree. 

When your eyes lower as your smile widens, 

Automatically makes my two dilate. 

The way the sun blesses and kisses your skin makes your complexion glistens.

I can finally see the energy you radiate. 

I think I’ve became a little smitten. 

I found myself infatuated with the way you mix drive with ambition. 

I can no longer envision you as merely my academic opponent. 

However I’m still in awe,

For you’re the redefinition of a strong black woman 


There are multiple ways to debate what makes a black woman strong,

But, This isn’t a sense of what’s right from wrong,

Merely iterating I should’ve been aware of your magic all along. 

I struggle to articulate the correct words to describe your delicacy, 

Since in the midst of admiration,

Every letter scrambles and disappear within the fascination,

To where I pray our equilibrium restores my eloquence. 

There’s so much still left to be said about your unique elegance,

Because when you smile I empathize with your benevolence. 


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