Poem of the Day


Gratitude is simplicity in its purest form.

And because a lot of people always seem to find only complexity when embraced with simplicity,

I’m grateful for the kind-heart souls i was able to meet along my journey.

With you, i was able to build to my spiritual army.

Conversations with you reinforce my kind soul is actually worthy,

Especially deep within all of the ongoing controversy.

Secondly, I am grateful for my knowledge.

It’s the source of confidence and contributes to my physical image.

The one thing, no man can take from me,

Simply because every detail of it is embodied within my personality.

It allows me to bend and reshape any of my reality.

Enlightenment is perceptibly guaranteed,

Only because learning is undoubtedly my greatest ability.

But most importantly I’m most grateful for my capability to love,

Not only unconditionally

,But universally.

Loving with personal attachments can be so destructive.

I’ve seen people love somebody who never understand how to love them,

To the point the dissatisfaction became explosive,And they destroy not only their partner,

But themselves,

Just to trigger a new psychosis.

To love unconditionally is to love fluidly.

Meaning just because you choose to let somebody come and go, doesn’t mean love have to come then go.

To love somebody for who they are is a greater reflection of the love you have for yourself.

To love universally means to understand that love is more than a feeling,

It’s a force formulated by energy,

The kind of energy that can awaken your third eye and expose you to things you never thought you could actually see.

I can’t imagine if i was that man,

That was psychologically incapable of loving my black women,

For the queens i prophesied them to be.

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