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There are some women who try,


For the world to see them as beautiful.

Forcefully generating an artificial gravitational pull.

Not you.

I sense,

In your eyes,

Most of your beauty lays on the inside,

Just to shine more and more as time coincides.


You resemble a growing Halle.

When i stare at you,

I gradually feel my heart sinking to the floor.

Melting to the equilibrium of your love galore,

Craving the dripping water from your lips,

water dripping from lips

As if kissing you,

Will be enough to be my cure.

Staring into your eyes feels like walking through an open door,

Until i stumble upon your celestial sphere,

With you bouncing back and forth on all of my cerebrum hemispheres.

The memories you leave remain as my souvenirs.

Just for you to smile galore,

When simultaneously being loved galore,

While learning the incantations stored within the pages of your grimoire.

You are more than just flesh and a physical body.

Every chance i get,

I will free you from your melancholy.

I love you for the morals and grace you embody.

You are the stars making up the distant constellations,

Where it’s easy to see that you shine,

But even more rare to understand the beauty behind your consistent illumination.

Most don’t vibrate high enough to approach you with the right conversation.

They are too busy questioning how they can love you the same way in reality as they do in their own imagination.

They can’t communicate to you unless behind a computer operation.

Keep in mind,

Even if i was to become blind

My heart smiles when it sees you,

Purely out of genuine elation.

The world better not underestimate you,

You’re a woman fit to conquer this entire nation.

2 comments on “Galore

This is beautiful. I also really like your use of pictures nestled within the words – not many people do that but I think it really added to the reading experience.


Thank you sooo much. And i started incorporating visuals just for that purpose. The right visuals can enhance the right combination of words.


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