Don’t Bite the Apple, Eve

Don’t Bite the Apple, Eve

It was a very still night.

The air was filled with adrenaline and excitement,

A lot of people just screaming and rushing

For everything to go smoothly and perfectly.

Little did i know that it was the imperfections of that night that made it the perfect night.

It wasn’t until scanning the entirety of the venue that my eyes caught such an exemplary sight;

Of nearly curated locs, a darker shade of burgundy lipstick, that shined cherry red from across the room.

The light was dimmed, with more darkness than illumination.

Your beauty was my breath taker

While performing cardiovascular resuscitation.

You were the doctor,

I was the patient.

I started as the thief,

Scheming on how to stand out and steal your attention,

Just to end up your victim.

You were an aromatic beauty that heighten the vibrations of anyone who stood adjacent.

The kind of impasse you don’t get pass,

Because it’s a moment that makes you feel like your ascending in first class.

An unorthodox, passive but compelling blessing since the beginning.

I would walk every step in the Tower of Babel,

Without doubt or disbelief.

And when I reach heaven,

I will whisper, “I bit the apple too Eve.”

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