Poem of the Day


It’s complicated to find a lady in this generation.

Trying to find love in the world is love deterioration.

So let these words be the foundation of a new love creation.

Let’s be honest,

Everybody that say they don’t have nobody,

Typically have somebody.

Either it’s someone to fulfill the voids that can’t be filled,

Or even just to provide contemporary company.

We claim it’s nobody,

Since it’s never more than temporary.

But I hope it’s not too late to ask for some longevity.

It’s complicated.

I no longer have a heart i can invest.

The smile is fake,

The emotions i can no longer take.

My heart’s starting to ache.

It’s complicated.

I’m fed up with the temporary.

But the temporary molded me into something i can’t see as just temporary.

I struggle with monogamy.

Damaged goods at best,

I’m only good at messing up,

If i must confess,

It’s complicated.

I don’t care about your past baby,

Since I’m seeing the uglier sides of me lately.

It won’t be long,

Before my thoughts drive me crazy.

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