Poem of the Day

Battling Innocence

Grand Theft Auto BB guns, Knock knock zoom zoom, Until we’re running and hoping fences. Can you remember a time we weren’t battling the end of our innocence?


Twenty nineteen. It’s about time the decade finally grew up and is no longer a teen. Teenagers usually come with bad decisions, Adrenaline and A short attention span. New decade, New life lessons, And more time to grow into a better self, A better man or woman, In a sense. Twenty nineteen was no twenty sixteen, When the graduation classes was filled by black excellence, Even when backed against the

Be my Equal

Do not be my peace. I am already at peace with who i am, So i expect nothing less from you if you choose to be my equal.


It’s complicated to find a lady in this generation. Trying to find love in the world is love deterioration. So let these words be the foundation of a new love creation. Let’s be honest, Everybody that say they don’t have nobody, Typically have somebody. Either it’s someone to fulfill the voids that can’t be filled, Or even just to provide contemporary company. We claim it’s nobody, Since it’s never more


Snow covers green pastures.  Hiding barren lands.  I deserve sunshine   

Imperfect Ships

We’ve all had friends that we thought would be around to the very end But sometimes, Even with a friend that seems heaven-sent, All you end up with is memories or time well spent. They say some friends are in your life for a season, And everything that happens is for a reason. With all the rain sun and snow You stick around, But at times you feel you’re left

One Regret

Photographer: Xplore Kaishi Models: Messiah Herron &. Miraj MUA: Elizabeth Narayan     If I was to die tomorrow, I would die with only one regret; The regret of dying and feeling alone, Knowing I was capable of loving a black woman, Wholeheartedly and genuinely.  I’m not afraid of dying alone,  Only afraid of dying without executing everything I know, In the name of love, Unconditional and universal love.  Love that

My Utopia

In my chaotic mind,  I was able to build a place I can call my utopia, A place where I can truly call mine.  A place where I am the creator and the destroyer, Some where with no consequences to my actions.  In this utopia I have everything I never had but always wanted.  I’m consistently happy with no contradictory thoughts haunting, My subconscious self constantly at high vibrations.  The


You ever feel like you’re trying to silence a voice that’s so loud on the inside that it makes your mind goes rampant? Can you see so much truth to your revelations but still find a reason to be blind,  Even when staring directly at it?  Does the insecurity to my mental sanity solidify more because my revelations comes from some form of rebellion?  The inner voice wants to be


Not today.   Today I want to be great in my own way.  Today, I refuse to be burden with my emotional struggles.  Sinking to a place embodied solely off my single thoughts and worries.  I don’t want to spend too much of my day thinking about what could.  Don’t get me wrong, If I was to have a second chance,  I would always stay by your side, No doubts. 

Side Effects of Voting

  I love that I live in an America, With so much black division,  That when it comes time to vote,  That alone perpetuate more separation.  You have one side preaching the importance of voting registration, While another side understands that the past restrictions on the black man voting,  Meant nothing to current black communities struggling,  Because they feared us so much,  They knew we were more docile, as a

Happy Halloween

It’s that time of the year.  Where everybody is excited by the idea of terror and fear.  Where demons are subconsciously worshipped in the concept of a comedic scare.  Sullying the subconscious  While desensitizing the righteous side of the mind to death   As well as anything in association to it.  So busy having fun,  That they failed to notice; Their conditioned soul is been convinced to subconsciously partake in


Ever just stared at night sky just to see the stars? They look so far but then again so close because we never had the opportunity to see them up close. What beauty will they behold? What stories would they have that’s never been told? They tell us aim for the moon cause if you miss it, you still stumble upon a star. But as I gaze at you, do


  I wanna tell my mother and sister I love them. Me writing this isn’t telling you but as I write it I feel like you can hear me screaming your names, screaming I love you, screaming I need you, screaming. I felt like I was losing me. And in the same breath I used to tell u I love you, I wanna tell you I am trying. I am