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After a long day,

I just want to personally pop off your perfectly fashionable heels,

Rub your feet to a playlist of all your favorite songs.

I want to hold you as the sunsets,

And run my fingers with the grain of your curls.

The world may be run by the girls,

But that’s meaningless when you hold the universe within the depths of your starry eyes.

I want to kiss you until I’m the reason you smile.

You would make the rest of my days all the more worthwhile,

Forever captivating me with your versatile artistic style.

When you walk,

You move so gracefully on your toes,

Much like a walking ballerina.

Eres una hermosa reina,

Mi amore.

For to meet you but not have met you,

Is something i don’t want to live with no more.

I have this feeling if you were around more,

Then my days will consist of me smiling more.

I will be the man who guards your honor,

Because i know you will show beauty to my internal monsters.

I want to place my hand right above your hips,

Grab you and hold you so close,

Until the forbidden juices of your love flow right from your succulent lips.

We will kiss endlessly,

Like we’ve known each other our entire lives,

Until stricken with external livelihood while living breathlessly.

I will bring you self comfort through loving you haphazardly but cautiously.

I just want to see you always smiling,

Mainly because when you smile you’re truly so lovely.

So if it’s not too late,

With a little time,

And enough poems,

Hopefully with you,

I’m lucky enough to earn some time,

For us to wine and dine,

Even if we don’t really call the first one an actual date.

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maria santiago

I love this still!! Thank you!


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