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Pardon me for being so blunt. 

I apologize before hand if the things I’m about to say make me come off as this overly sexual cunt, 

But why continue to put up a front, 

As if I’m not drawn to you like moths to light; 

As if when i see your pictures my heart don’t beat so fast it feels like it’s about to take flight. 

A visionary with the freedom to vibrate. Your energy is enough to keep me hydrated when it permeates, 

To keep me calm when i get irate. 

I’m the perfect fit to your orifice, 

With willingness to sacrifice the bits of my arrogance in order to be one with your eloquence. 

I want to lay with your soul, until my heartbeat is no longer cold. 

The warmth from being cuddled between your inner thighs would make me melt, 

And flow to every deep and shallow crevices within your temple to create transcendental anomalies. 

Think of the endless of possibilities if you was to succumb to my curiosity to test if the juices that flow from you has a low enough viscosity to create, 

Life naturally and organically 

2 comments on “Ambiguity

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I love how you hinted at your sexual curiosity through spiritual analogies


Honestly glad u liked it in the long run. Love playing with word combinations


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