Amazon Rain Forest Burns at Record Speed.

The amazon rainforest has been burning at a recording breaking rate for weeks now. Nobody knows what or who started it, but believe rumors and theories are circulating all through Brazil.

For something as major as this, it barely got any media coverage, especially not compared to the Notre Dame building burning not too long ago. Neither is the rainforest getting the same sympathy or efforts to contain the fire, not to say everybody is just standing around watching it happen.

A few facts about the amazon rainforest that everybody may have already know; it is the world’s largest tropical rainforest covering the majority of the northern part of Brazil, extending out to countries such as Columbia, Peru, and many others on the South America continent. The rainforest is known for about 10 percent of the biodiversity on this earth, as well as providing approximately 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, earning the nickname, “The Planet Lungs”. Fun fact; a lot of the inventions and things utilized and fully implemented into some of our daily lives are because of the rainforest and its biodiversity, animals, and plants. The amazon rainforest has been in existence for around 55 million years and of that time, it has never burned at this rate, even during its driest seasons.

One theory is the nature theory. Theorizing that the root cause of the fires, which as of today, is suspecting to be over 2500, is due to the dry season, the heat and the wind. This theory is backed by Ricardo Salles, the Minister of the Environment named by the far-right president. On another hand, the fire has been rumored to have been started by humans themselves. The ranchers, farmers, loggers are all targets of the blame. They express how they want the land cleared and to get used to it. Claims are saying the people planned this “Fire Day” deliberately, with the help and consent of the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro.

The government has already been sued by the indigenous people of the amazon (The Waorani Tribe of Pastaza) in court to regain the land that was secretly sold to big oil companies at the highest bid. The lawsuit was finalized in July ending a case longing for years when the judge upheld the ruling that the tribe was not consulted with properly.

victory celebration after the lawsuit win

This win saved about a half-million acres from being mined for drilling.
The fires started far from the homes of the Waorani Tribe but with this factor, it brought all the conspiracy theorists out and they all feel that there is a direct correlation. Nothing has been proven definitely but for many, the signs are leading up to the government doing. In fact, during the fires, President Jair has been offering the tribe incentives for the ownership of the land, claiming it’s for a “better life”. The same president who’s campaign was run predominantly on the hopes of restoring the country’s economy by exploring the amazon economic potential. The same president who fires the previous head of the INPE after saying deforestation was up 88 percent to last year and reduced his claims to lies and propaganda. the same president who criticizes that the deforestation statements will damage Brazil’s trade negotiations. And the same president responsible for Brazil’s environmental enforcement agency 23 million dollars budget cut, making it easier for anybody to exploit the land of the amazon. In July, Jair was called a threat to nature’s equilibrium. With an increase in deforestation, that means a change in rainfall intervals, changes to the biodiversity, agriculture and the overall health of every human being on this planet.

In one ray of good news, the Bolivia president, Evo Morales, has contracted a Boeing 747 “Supertanker” to help put out the fire on Bolivia’s side. The aircraft can hold up 75000 liters of water. He has high hopes of the plane being the solution to put out the wildfire that has accumulated up to the comparative size of Delaware.

Currently the smoke from the fire pretty much completely blocks the sun over Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo.

Smoke covers most of Sao Paulo

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