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33rd Degree: Nipsey Hussle Becomes Eternal

Rest in in peace nipsey,

Hustle to the money,

Hustle to the knowledge,

The world wasn’t ready.

Dr. Sebi

You tried to bring back dr sebi,

Too bad they had to see you dead before the documentary.

The news for this hit differently.

Inebriated off talisker storm,

Oblivious to the already perpetuating storm.

I was in the middle of joking,

First Article That Broke the Bad News

I read the news article heading,

Stopped laughing,

Nothing was no longer funny,

Since i was a little drunk,

I felt my heart beat change and got extra heavy.

Not nipsey,

He was a good one,

One of them that bridged the free and those still in the matrix,

Without the masks,

Without the tomfoolery tricks.

He invested into his community,

Trying to buy it block by block until he saw unity.

Nipsey standing near his clothing store in LA. Picture source: Billboard


Not Nipsey,

Unarmed and laying dead with multiple bullets to the head.

Is it all conspiracy?

We are being told it stems from gang violence.

All we know is he was a celebrity,

Trying to teach blacks the importance of financial security,

Uplifting everybody with consistency.

It’s not fair that you have to be taken so prematurely.

Your music was a reflection of your spoken message.

I want you and your family to know,

Having your presence was one hell of a blessing.

Triskelion: Symbolize: Spirit/Mind/Body

4 comments on “33rd Degree: Nipsey Hussle Becomes Eternal

I knew of nipsey when he died funny enough . I love his song double up


All the good he did was phenomenal. I enjoy his song hustle and motivate. I listen to it almost everyday


I just learnt of all of that .don’t know why the good dies quick ..may his soul rest in peace


I love the way you’re expressing yourself this is really beautiful


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