I Was Once Able to Love

I went back to her multiple times in hopes of just hearing anything close to those words, thinking I couldn’t stay away because I felt you belonged with me.

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Life With Xiomary

CLICK HERE:Follow Xiomary Ever stared at somebody, Just to feel you’re looking at a side many have not seen? As if she was the movie and the starring role to every scene? Or perhaps, A walking magazine. Literally, a living… Continue Reading…


‘“Killing Is So Much Fun!”’

Gives an individualistic taken on what a thrill kill is and its role it subconsciously plays in the American Community and psychology.

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The warmth from being cuddled between your inner thighs would make me melt,
And flow to every deep and shallow crevices

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Xenophobic Attacks Divides Africa

Xenophobia zene ō fōbēa – -dislike and prejudice against people from other countries. Xenophobic attacks plagued the continent of Africa. There are many protesting that all of the migrants in Africa should not be there. South Africans are attacking Nigerians… Continue Reading…

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Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt… Right?

From my perspective; may I interject, that my opinion is bias, just like all of ours; the Dave Chappelle Netflix special, “Sticks & Stones” was comedic gold. His jokes were told very intricately, with what seemed effortless. Trans people hate… Continue Reading…


Amazon Rain Forest Burns at Record Speed.

The amazon rainforest has been burning at a recording breaking rate for weeks now. Nobody knows what or who started it, but believe rumors and theories are circulating all through Brazil. For something as major as this, it barely got… Continue Reading…

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If Charisma was a Person

As I walked closer,
The light began to take shape,
And the shape had quite the figure,
Go figure!

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CLICK HERE:→ Follow @Keylee’s Instagram! There are some women who try, Painstakingly, For the world to see them as beautiful. Forcefully generating an artificial gravitational pull. Not you. I sense, In your eyes, Most of your beauty lays on the… Continue Reading…

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Once In Awhile …

Once in awhile
You get rewarded
Just for having a kind heart.
And sometimes …


Honesty With Self

Honesty with self promotes an ….

Poem of the Day

6 A.M

What if when we woke up randomly, At six in the morning, On the weekend, A Sunday to be specific, And the world was still sleeping, With not much to say. The darkness is still, Until it’s starts to deteriorate… Continue Reading…

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Musically Poetic

One thing we can appreciate about art is; It holds no color, Or inside it is a combination of every color., Visually, Things can seem so polar, But if you take time to understand, You’ll learn most things, Beyond the… Continue Reading…

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33rd Degree: Nipsey Hussle Becomes Eternal

Rest in in peace nipsey, Hustle to the money, Hustle to the knowledge, The world wasn’t ready. You tried to bring back dr sebi, Too bad they had to see you dead before the documentary. The news for this hit… Continue Reading…

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Her Pain

I wanted to ask her about her pain. Her body was moving slow, But her mind was racing much faster. I sat beside her, Contemplating the many ways i can ask her, Without it seeming like i was trying to… Continue Reading…


Philly Rapper Meek Mill Gets Key to Connecticut and His Own Day

Connecticut is on board with the REFORM Alliance. But what was the people’s reaction? What is REFORM Alliance?The REFORM Alliance movement is centralized around the broken criminal justice system that many Americans seem to fall victim to, eventually to get… Continue Reading…